Investment in AEC and Stock Collateral Loan

Help Overseas Listed Companies to invest in both listed and non-listed companies in AEC. The investors can direct invest or do the share swap but must at least 20% shares.

  1. Has annual profit over THB 60 million.
  2. Positive investment opportunities for the next 3 years

The investor are not only invest but also help to upgrade their R&D and bring the bridge loan as well as help the company to list in the oversea market.

Stock Collateral Loan conditions:

  1. Loan is 3-year contract
  2. Loan interest rate: 5% (a year) (Including Custody Fee)
    Interest payment method: 4 times a year, End of the quarter paid interest (each 1.25%)
  3. Transaction Fee: 3% per year, one off payment 9% for 3 years
  4. Loan amount: 50-70% According to current stock market value (Initial loan amount minimum USD 5m)
  5. Stock Collateral Loan: If the market value fell down in the market, retroactive pledge collateral or equity are not needed. However, if the market value fell down below 70% of the loan share value, the loan contract will be ended automatically and borrower will give up its stock and agreed unconditionally to lenders. Anyway, it always opens for negotiation.