IPO in QHEE (Qianhai Equity Exchange) The First International Board in China

    CHIMERA’s has the exclusive right to list foreign companies in QHEE, Senzhen Qianhai Equity Exchange (The Largest “New Fourth Board” in China).

QHEE was established by the State Council of China, aiming at developing the unified layout of the OTC market and the multi-level capital market. Supervised by the local government, QHEE is a full service market-oriented new investment and financing platform for SMEs. Acting as the unique “New Fourth Board”, QHEE will lead a new future in the OTC market in China.

CHIMERA Aims to Customize listing Path for Overseas Enterprises

Listing conditions of China’s Multi-level Capital Markets

Listing Conditions of the International Board in QHEE

Enterprises existing for not less than 1 year can be listed if they fulfill one of the following conditions: